Luxury Villas Dubrovnik

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Enjoy southern hospitality and bask in the abundance of Mediterranean senses surrounded with citrus gardens. Discover the fascinating story behind Villa Orti.

Villa Orti is a classic 19th century mansion that lies a short walk away from the ancient Old City walls. Hidden from the public eye, it represents the ultimate intimate experience.

The historical site was lovingly restored, in collaboration with professionals, to accommodate the requirements of modern travellers whilst preserving its classic 19th century heritage.

Nestled in the heart of historical gardens in the Old City of Dubrovnik, Villa Orti is a green oasis that combines perfectly the high architectural standards of old masters and the functionality of Scandinavian design. 


Located in the ancient and picturesque hamlet of Frajga, on an island overlooking Dubrovnik, this authentic Dalmatian villa lies amidst the island’s unspoilt Mediterranean flora. Drawing inspiration from the sun, soil and the sea, this luxuriously renovated farmhouse is arranged to satisfy your every need while conveying the nostalgia of past times in a bucolic 19th century village.

As homage to its pristine natural surroundings, the interior of the villa is designed in correspondence to its exterior which is why every room has a separate identity which was inspired by the rich variety of fruit in the villa’s surroundings. The intimate experience the island offers will provide you with privacy and a much desired escape from the stress of urban life.

This untouched piece of heaven is as close as you can get to a real-life garden of Eden, complimented with our amenities and services to ensure your maximum comfort at all times.


Have a vacation in style on an idyllic island in one of the oldest Renaissance villas in the Dubrovnik region. On this heritage site, constructed back in 1516, you will experience the delicate culture of living in harmony with everything that surrounds you: the garden, the fisherman’s village, the medieval manors.

Dubrovnik’s noble lords had a specific vision of life in the countryside. Their enchanting humanistic values resonate to this day in the intact nature and the stone walls of their summerhouses.

All of this will be the decor for your summer vacation in our luxuriously renovated manor.

The high end functionality and a wide selection of amenities will ensure you have  all the comforts a modern tourist  desires. This stylish villa includes elements of gothic and renaissance architecture designed to complement your relaxing stay.

This jewel is situated in an ideal position, its terraced grounds overlooking the sea and neighbouring islands. The heavenly Mediterranean landscape will captivate you and our services will make it the holiday of your lifetime.